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Fur After Dark
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What does Fur After Dark have to offer?

Fur After Dark is a subscription website catering to fans of anthropomorphic artwork and erotica. You've probably seen plenty of sites like this before, but we like to believe this one is a little different and special. FAD has managed to stay open for close to a decade now, so we must be doing something right. In addition to the usual favorites, such as high-res pictures ranging from classy pinup girls to hardcore and unusual erotica, Fur After Dark also has comics, themed and series artwork, written erotica, and even some animation. More specialties and other goodies will become available as the site continues.

Fur After Dark was built by Eric Schwartz, and showcases his artwork and comics, many of which are not available anywhere else. Eric is a veteran of the furry scene, and best known for his classic animations, characters such as Amy the Squirrel and Sabrina, and the long-running monthly web-comic, Sabrina Online. Exactly why he decided to open a paysite is anyone's guess, but we shall assume it's a financial thing.

Our other headliner artist at Fur After Dark is Max the Black Rabbit. Max is well known in the fandom as one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, as well as a supremely talented illustrator. His work has appeared in several comics, from Extinctioners to Genus. Max has several character creations to his credit, including FAD's own Pussy Noir, but his highest profile creation is Zig Zag, the tiger-striped skunkette, arguably one of the most famous furry characters known to man.

Recurring and guest artists whose work can be seen on Fur After Dark:

  • gNAW
  • Crystal-For-Ever
  • Elton Portilho
  • Fluffball
  • GSPervert
  • Jeremy Biskner
  • Sky Brigid Rain
  • Digital Fluff
  • DUO
  • Sanny Folkesson
  • Draco XII
  • Jean Gear
  • Style Wager
  • Stoopix
  • Scappo
  • Kadath
  • Linno
  • ...and much much more!

Meet the FAD girls! (and guys)

Carli & Spike * Cathy Kitana * Darke Katt * Dawn * Helen Dish * Hoss * Pussy Noir * Raven Hunt
Sabrina * Sheila Vixen * Slimy * Stacey and Tracey * Tina Lynx * Twilight * Zig Zag

Any people out there interested in becoming guest artists for FAD can contact Eric Schwartz at , and he can show you where the FAQ for that is.

Over its years on 'teh intarweb', Fur After Dark has grown into a fine source for sexy anthro art and other diversions. Don't believe us? Just click the links below to learn about the many characters that FAD helped to make famous (or vice-versa), or continue to the next page for a taste of what can be found in the site itself. Giant thanks to all our customers, artists, and other supporters who made it all possible, as well as fairly steady.

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Mopping up

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